Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let the Building Begin!!

So my mom and I are trying to entertain 5 kids this summer!! My two, Abby 6, Maddy 3 and then my two nieces and my nephew. Sarah is 7, Katie just shy of being 5 and then Sione 3. We go to the library, go swimming in the backyard, work in the garden, go to the park and well anything else we can think of to keep them occupied!! Here are a few pics from the park the other day.

Sione, Sarah, Katie, Abby and Madison
Last weekend, my brother-in-law Dan came over to help Matt get the safe room started. Here they are laying blocks. I think Matt said they need 11 rows. We have 6 rows done. It is very tedious because they have to be very level. It will all be worth it when we know we have a safe place to go during tornado warnings. So as soon as the safe room is done, they will start working on the rest of the house.