Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Phase One.....Complete!!

Papa waiting for the concrete to come down the shoot. My dad was such a trooper. We started pouring at 2:00 and Matt does not get home until 4:00. So for two hours he only had my mom and I to help. I have to say I have learned a few things about pouring concrete and I think I am bound to learn a lot more about construction as this project moves forward. However, I don't think I will be leaving nursing for construction anytime soon.
Maddy modeling on the new concrete. By the way, she dressed herself :)
The lighter area is the porch, and the dark area is the two new bedrooms and safe room. I couldn't get a good shot of all of it. As you can see, Matt has taken the siding off a portion of the house because, well
This is what a concrete truck will do to your yard. Nasty little ruts!!

Yesterday, we finished pouring the concrete. And yes, I helped....a little :) Anyways, now that we have the concrete done, we can start setting blocks for our safe room. Matt is building us a tornado safe room with a steal door and whatever else it takes to build a safe room. We are going to also keep all of Isabella's medical supplies in it along with back up discs of all of our photos and so on. You know, important stuff!! I am so excited about this new addition. I can't wait to get my girls out of their make shift bedroom that is really more like the size of a closet. They are going to love having all of the new space. Did I also mention, that we all share the same closet right now. So that will be nice to have a place for our clothes. So that is it for now. Hopefully I will have more pics over the weekend of more progress. Matt has a three day weekend so we should get a lot done!!


Ashlea said...

It looks like you guys are doing great! What a wonderful idea with the safe room. Good idea for what you are putting in there, too. :) She looks great in her skates and little jumper. :)

aunt amber said...

You go girl and Dad!!! I love learning about that stuff but it is HARD work. Can't wait to see the finished project. I am reserving a room when it opens.:) I wish there was a motel down there...I would love to come down tehre...maybe for the day even??? you!